System 1-2-3 Lounge Deluxe

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System 1-2-3 is a great example of the innovative and groundbreaking thinking of Verner Panton. When the System 1-2-3 was first launched back in 1973 one critic wrote ”It will be a milestone in future furniture design. We have never before seen a chair designed and built like this series”. The original commission was to design a furniture programme that combined a series of differnet functions with the basic requirement of good seating comfort. The chairs should also have a simple and natural design, so they could fit into any environment as a functional
element. The System 1-2-3 is available as a dining chair and a lounge chair.

BRAND: Verpan
100% Certified Verpan
© Verner Panton Design AG
Produced under license by Verpan A/S

Steel frame
VOSS foam
Brushed aluminum base
H: 89 cm D: 82 cm Seat width: 59 cm 
Seat depth: 45 cm Seat height front: 38 cm 
Seat height back: 34 cm 

Other upholstery and finishes are available. Enquire to learn more.
Access care instructions here

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System 1-2-3 Lounge Deluxe
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