HAY was founded in 2002 by Mette and Rolf Hay. Headquartered in Copenhagen, HAY have been committed to working with the generation’s best designers from all over the world to create high quality products that would be available to a wide audience. The brand draws inspiration from art, architecture, and fashion. From a toothbrush to a paper bin to a sofa, HAY products always offer a fresh take on the quotidian objects that are part of everyday life.
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Quilton 2 Seater
Regular price ₱312,000.00
Hay Colour Crate
PC Portable
Regular price ₱7,100.00
Uchiwa Quilt
Rey Chair
Regular price ₱44,400.00
AAC 53
Matin Table Lamp (Special Liberty Edition)
Palissade Collection - Seating
Don't Leave Me / DLM
HAY Tote Bag
Regular price ₱700.00
Palissade Bar Collection
Palissade Lounge Collection - Seating
Palissade Collection - Table
AAL 82 Soft Duo
Regular price ₱0.00
Quilton Combination 16
Regular price ₱0.00
Mags Soft Low 2 Seater Combination 1
Regular price ₱172,800.00
Palissade Collection - Cone Table
Slit Table High