Verpan offers a carefully curated selection of timeless lighting and furniture designs by Verner Panton (1926-1998). Their product range includes iconic furniture and lighting pieces that offer extraordinary user experiences and facilitate new ways of living, working and interacting. Verpan is proud to carry on the legacy of Verner Panton as an official licensee of Verner Panton Design AG - the exclusive owner of all Verner Panton designs.
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Pantop Portable
Wire Table LampWire Table Lamp
Wire Table Lamp
Regular price ₱54,000.00
Wire Floor LampWire Floor Lamp
Wire Floor Lamp
Regular price ₱80,400.00
Regular price ₱79,200.00
Fun 10DM with Brass
Regular price ₱118,800.00
Spiral SP01
Regular price ₱134,400.00
VP Globe
Cloverleaf Sofa - 3 Units
System 1-2-3 Lounge Deluxe
Regular price ₱223,200.00
Luna Rug
Regular price ₱32,400.00
Welle 2Welle 2
Welle 2
Regular price ₱171,600.00
Welle 4Welle 4
Welle 4
Regular price ₱141,600.00
Easy Chair
Panto Pop
Regular price ₱13,200.00
Pantop Table Lamp
Regular price ₱18,000.00
Reflect Table Lamp
Regular price ₱43,200.00
Pantop Pendant
Fun 1 STM
Series 430 Chair