About Us

Design Story offers a curated selection of contemporary furniture, lighting, and accessories.

Design Story is the official dealer of the brands HAY, Stellar Works&Tradition, and Verpan in the Philippines.

Since its establishment in 2014, Design Story has been exclusively distributing designer furniture from global brands such as HAY, Stellar Works, and more recently, &Tradition. 

Our story is to make good design within reach to the largest possible audience. We have carefully considered a selection of brands that value the importance of sustainability and accessibility.

HAY is a Danish brand dedicated to creating contemporary furniture that combines sophisticated manufacturing techniques with straightforward, functional, and aesthetic design. It continues to collaborate with the most innovative contemporary international designers such as Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, Doshi Levien, and Clara Von Zweigbergk among others, to create inspired works in both furniture and accessories alike.

Founded in 2002, HAY has since grown and produced notable pieces of quality that are able to work both in retail and in contract projects.

Stellar Works was built to bring ideas  together: East and West, heritage and modernity, craft and industry. Stellar Works aims to inspire a renaissance and to create timeless designs by taking fragments of Asian aesthetics, forms, and styles and filtering them through the lens of European tradition.

&Tradition (pronounced as AndTradition) is a company that reworks iconic designs from the mid-century and aims to create furniture, lighting, and accessories with timeless appeal. &Tradition bridges old and new by lifting inspiration from Denmark's long-standing design heritage and combines it with careful craftsmanship, producing pieces with purpose and meaning. Always respectful. Always made to last.

All products sourced are authentic and are original editions from the authorized manufacturer.


Verpan is - much like Verner Panton - a product of the Danish design tradition, which have put Denmark on the world map for functional, modern and unique design.

The story of Verpan began in 2003, when the first production of Verner Panton lighting was initiated. In 2010 a furniture range was added. Today, Verpan offers a carefully curated selection of Verner Panton’s timeless designs. Our product range include iconic furniture and lighting pieces that offers extraordinary user experiences and facilitate new ways of living, working and interacting.

Verpan is proud to carry on the legacy of Verner Panton as an official licensee of Verner Panton Design AG - the exclusive owner of all Verner Panton designs.