Factor Linear Suspension Lamp

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Factor Linear Suspension is an innovative lamp concept created by Swiss designer Dimitri Bähler. Featuring a tubular design with a rotatable core element that can be positioned to provide 360 degrees of infinite movement, it enables users to create a personalised lit environment with either direct or indirect light. Constructed with easy-to-assemble components, it offers a simple plug-and-play lighting solution that requires no tools for assembly and adjustment. Made from extruded aluminium, the lamp features a dimmable integrated LED light source and is available in different colour options, in both wet sprayed and anodised finishes. Factor is available in two variants depending on the user’s needs – one offering a warmer, diffused light output that can be used to create ambience above a dining table, over a kitchen island or in a home office – and another that provides a cooler, more focused light that is well suited to offices, public buildings and other professional areas requiring a more task-oriented lighting solution, offering superb colour rendering and glare prevention, thanks to the custom glare control louver concealed inside the lamp.

100% Certified HAY Product

Extruded aluminium tube. Clear anodised or soft black with a wet spray finish. Translucent diffuser. Coated steel suspension wire.
Ø3,5 X L152 CM

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Factor Linear Suspension Lamp
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