Glass Vase SC35 - SC38

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Designed by Space Copenhagen, these vases sits within the Collect series, a curated line of beautifully crafted soft furnishings and home objects. Made from three layers of mouth-blown glass, the result is a unique thickness and unusual nuance of colour that comes in three options: Clear; Smoked; and Caramel. They are available in four sizes: 24 x 20cm; 40 x 18.5cm; 50 x 19cm; and 60 x 28cm.

BRAND: &Tradition
100% Certified &Tradition Product

Mouth blown glass.
SC35 - H:24xW:20cm
SC36 - H:40xW:8.5cm
SC37 - H:50xW:19cm
SC38 - H:60xW:28cm

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Glass Vase SC35 - SC38
SC38 / Caramel - ₱42,000.00
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