Float Sofa 3 Seater - 2 Arms

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Float is a new modular sofa system that presents cushions supported by a seemingly invisible structure, as if they are floating on air. The magical effect created by these floating cushions is made possible by the arrangement of feet outside of the padded form. A double layer of cushions, supported by a metallic sheet, provides optimal comfort and strength, while a crossbar that runs back and sideways containing the cushions, supports the headrest elements and gives structural integrity. The Float sofa is supported by a thin yet robust steel structure and is designed to allow for comfortable sitting, resting and invites users to “flop down” on it.

The Float collection comes in four versions: a one, two and three-seater sofa, as well as an L-shaped option. The collection is modular and the individual components are designed to be combined in a multitude of comfortable configurations. The Float Sofa system can be further customised with a range of accessories, including a backseat, headrest and a series of pillows that can be arranged in different layouts to give the sofa a different look and function. Float is also available with optional built-in wooden sides tables, which come in in two sizes, an ancestral element that Michele De Lucchi sees as inextricably linked to the idea of the home and of handmade construction.

100% Certified STELLAR WORKS Product

Powder coated steel frame, Upholstery, Plywood

W2510 x D940 x H875mm Seating height: 435mm

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Float Sofa 3 Seater - 2 Arms
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