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Dowry Cabinet III (PRE-ORDER)
Dowry Cabinet III (PRE-ORDER)

Dowry Cabinet III (PRE-ORDER)

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100% Certified STELLAR WORKS Product


3.5 to 5 months
- Note:  Lead time is subject to change. 

- Price varies depending on the finishes selected.
- For pre-orders and other upholstery options you may call us at 0977 836 1559 or email us at [email protected]

Neri&Hu’s modern, clean-lined collection of cabinets is rooted in the tradition of the dowry, drawn from both Chinese culture and that of many others worldwide. Passed from one generation to the next at the moment of marriage, the dowry object is imbued with sentiment and history, embodying the potent nostalgia and symbolic value of a family heirloom.
Crafted to include traditional detailing and joinery techniques, the wide metal base and wooden body of the cabinets and drawers can be customised in a wide variety of materials and finishes. This allows the collection to be tailor-made to suit any setting, or personalised so that any family can create their own heirloom furniture, to pass on through the generations to come.

W1070 x D525 x H1450mm

Solid wood with veneer panels, Stainless steel brass finish, Clear glass

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