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Initially designed to make use of surplus wooden shipping crates by Dutch architect and designer Gerrit Rietveld in 1934, the Crate Collection has been relaunched in a Rietveld Originals x HAY collaboration. Made with respect for the original design, the Crate Lounge Chair shares the same precisely balanced proportions and transparent construction to minimise production costs and optimise the assembly process. Featuring low proportions with a gently sloping back and seat with supportive armrests, the chair’s simplicity and spatial design mirrors the designer’s architectural style – providing functionality and comfort without absorbing space. Crafted in solid pine, with a water-based lacquered finish in different colour options, the Crate Lounge Chair is suitable for a wealth of outdoor settings, and can be supplemented with optional seat cushions in selected textiles for extra comfort.

100% Certified HAY Product
Dining Table L180 x W89,5 x H74,5 cm
Dining Table L230 x W89,5 x H74,5 cm

Other upholstery and finishes are available. Enquire to learn more.
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Crate Collection - Table
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