Space Invaders Hoba

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Space Invaders is an eclectic collection of objects with different functionality and a bold character. Table and floor lamps, small tables with integrated light and trays find their own aesthetic in the juxtaposition of material and shapes that interpenetrate each other, marking an invasion of spacethat creates an original modularity. It is in this way that a luminous pearl stands between the base and the top of the side table, or that a series of glass spheres fill the metal structure of the lamps, or that the solidity of wooden trays find their balance resting on ceramic stones, while other trays with a Yo-yo shape fit one another, creating multiple combinations. The result is a playful group of timeless design objects, able to invadea variety of environments. 

BRAND: Stellar Works
100% Certified & Stellar Works Product
Wood base and top, Murano glass shade
Φ300 x H400mm 

LIGHT SOURCE LED integrated, 7w / 258lm
DIMMING 3 level touch dimmer 100% - 50% - 25%

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Space Invaders Hoba