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Pendant with direct downward light and layered shades diffusing the light throughout the surroundings. Panton was known for his skillful play with basic geometric forms, figures and systems - often drawing inspiration from organic silhouettes found in nature, and the Hive pendant is no exception. Made from multiple concentric shades of varying size, the layered design of the pendant offers a very characteristic and sculptural quality while ensuring a 100% glare-free light.

BRAND: Verpan
100% Certified Verpan

© Verner Panton Design AG
Produced under license by Verpan A/S

Aluminium shades
Polished aluminium (alu) or powder coated finish (yellow)
Ceiling canopy in same colour/finish as lamp.
Ø: 48 cm (19”) H: 27 cm (10.6”)

220V E27 max. 60W

*Bulb is not included

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