Mr. B Dining Chair

通常価格 ₱137,300.00 セール


Inspired by Shanghai's iconic Bund, where the old seamlessly merges with the new and where rich history coexists with modern life, the Mr. B collection reflects a harmonious blend of Eastern and Western cultures. The modern aesthetic is evident, yet the influence of traditional old culture is intricately woven into the details. The collection showcases a fusion between the robust wood structure derived from traditional carpentry heritage and the metal details that speak to an industrial influence. The well-tailored upholstery provides clean lines as well as a comfortable seating experience.

The Mr. B collection is comprised of a dining chair, lounge chair, swivel bar chair, and a two-seater, each bringing an understated touch of sophistication. Suitable for both residential and hospitality spaces, these pieces embody the subtle elegance that captures the essence of Shanghai's spirit.

100% Certified STELLAR WORKS Product

Stainless steel hairline gold, solid wood frame, upholstery
W550 x D525 x H770mm; SH: 470mm

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Mr. B Dining Chair
Oak / Fabric A - ₱137,300.00
  • Oak / Fabric A - ₱137,300.00
  • Oak / Fabric B - ₱130,800.00
  • Oak / Fabric C - ₱112,200.00
  • Oak / Leather A - ₱183,000.00
  • Oak / Leather B - ₱161,500.00
  • Oak / Leather C - ₱138,500.00
  • Walnut / Fabric A - ₱144,700.00
  • Walnut / Fabric B - ₱138,200.00
  • Walnut / Fabric C - ₱119,500.00
  • Walnut / Leather A - ₱190,300.00
  • Walnut / Leather B - ₱168,800.00
  • Walnut / Leather C - ₱145,800.00