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Valet Magazine Rack
Valet Magazine Rack

Valet Magazine Rack

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100% Certified STELLAR WORKS Product

Leather/ walnut

Rockwell Group took inspiration for the collection, part of Stellar Works’ Collaboration series, from the roots of the word “valet", but reinterpreted it for the 21st century – this crafted, unique furniture accommodates the narrative of our lives today. From lounge seating to customizable shelving, each of the 14 pieces in the collection has a streamlined functionality – luxurious embellishments, from leather cords to matte brass hardware, double as subtle tools for living well. Grouped together in endless combinations, the pieces help create natural transitions in the home or hospitality setting, from entry, to work, to play.

W500 x D510 x H625mm

Veneer laminate top, Powder coated steel frame, Brass plated stainless steel, Leather

With a little care you can prolong the life of your furniture. Follow the instructions for the materials of your specific product to make sure that it stays in the best shape for as long as possible. The information below is only intended as a general guideline.

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