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True Colour

True Colour

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Product Details

BRAND: &Tradition
100% Certified &Tradition Product

Lex Pott

LP5 - Blue/ Brass - Low In Stock

- Price varies depending on the finishes selected.
- For pre-orders, you may call us at (+639) 176 517 178 / (+639) 778 361 559 / (+639) 8713 0433 or email us at [email protected]

The Copenhagen-based manufacturer AndTradition works with innovative designers who like to push the boundaries to create beautiful pieces that solve everyday needs. Dutch designer Lex Potts is an experimental artist at heart, who enjoys playing around with natural materials such as wood, stone and metal. The True Colour Vase is a classic example of his work; a groundbreaking earthy item that promises to become a design classic.
The vase itself has a contrasting construction made from metal and terracotta. The metals used include copper, brass, steel or aluminum. It is also available in a range of measurements from 10-24cm in height and 6.5-10 cm in diameter. The True Colour Vase can be used to hold a bouquet of tulips or a single rose, but it looks equally beautiful holding nothing - it really is a piece of art in itself

LP5 / Ø10.5 x H14 cm

Brass, copper, steel, and aluminium

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2.5 to 3.5 months


Lead time is subject to change.

Note: For pre-orders you may call us at 0977 836 1559 or email us at [email protected]

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True Colour
LP5 - Blue/ Brass - ₱7,920.00
  • LP5 - Blue/ Brass - ₱7,920.00