Soft Edge 10 Lounge Seat Upholstery (PRE- ORDER)
Soft Edge 10 Lounge Seat Upholstery (PRE- ORDER)
Soft Edge 10 Lounge Seat Upholstery (PRE- ORDER)

Soft Edge 10 Lounge Seat Upholstery (PRE- ORDER)

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100% Certified HAY Product


Seat & Base:


2.5 to 3.5 months
- Note:  Lead time is subject to change depending on the state of the global pandemic.

- Price varies depending on the finishes selected.
- For pre-orders and other upholstery options, you may call us at 0977 836 1559 or email us at [email protected]

Iskos-Berlin’s Soft Edge series features an organically shaped seat and back seat, blending strong curves with extreme lightness to create a three-dimensionality that is not normally possible with 2D plywood. The result is a minimalistic design that optimises human-centric comfort for constant shifting and movement. Soft Edge 10 Lounge features the same distinctive seat contours as the rest of the family, but with a lower, wider design that is more conducive for relaxing or sitting for longer periods of time. Its steel base reinforces its light, uncluttered aesthetics, while its strength, stability, and comfort ensure years of everyday use in a wide range of public and private environments – from cafés, offices, and waiting areas to a home environment. Also available with upholstered seat.

W57 x D64 x H69 cm Seat height 40 cm, Seat depth 48 cm

SEAT & BACK / Moulded plywood seat and back with inner veneer in beech, top and bottom veneer in oak BASE / Ø16 mm steel tube

STACKABLE W. UPHOLSTERY / 6 pcs. on floor

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