Pavilion AV2 (PRE-ORDER)

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BRAND: &Tradition
100% Certified &Tradition Product

Anderssen & Voll


Wood finishes
Lacquered Oak
Black Lacquered Oak
Lacquered Walnut

Base finishes
Black powder coated steel (RAL 9005 gloss 35) 

Chrome base


Located on the castle grounds of Copenhagen’s Kastellet overlooking the waterfront promenade that is home to the Little Mermaid, The Langelinie Pavilion stands with a resilient spirit. The first Pavilion was built in 1885. Echoing its own ability to endure is the Pavilion chair by Andersen & Voll. Here the challenge was to design a stackable chair used for mass seating in this iconic, multi-purpose venue, the Langelinie Pavilion. The Pavilion chair has an airy feeling, with slim arms and legs that give it a light appearance. This chair comes in three different variants.

H: 77,5cm/30.5in, W: 56cm/22.1in, D: 52,5cm/20.7in, Armrest height: 76cm/29.9 in, Seating height: 46cm/18.1in

Steel tubes and formpressed veneer

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Pavilion AV2 (PRE-ORDER)
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