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Pandarine 3 Seater Chaise Lounge with Reclining Armrests

Pandarine 3 Seater Chaise Lounge with Reclining Armrests

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100% Certified HAY Product


Upholstery: Olavi 02

Base: Black stained oak

Inga Sempé’s Pandarine fuses the luxurious comfort of a bed with the versatility of a modular sofa in an elegant and versatile design. The armrests come either in a cylindrical form, or with a reclining design that can be adjusted individually in the same way as the metal-hinged backrests. This gives Pandarine the ability to transform into a unified, mattress-like surface where the backrests serve as huge, soft pillows. Constructed using a combination of Nozag springs, foam, and wadding, Pandarine is designed to provide exceptional comfort in any number of sitting or lying positions. Available in two- and three-seater versions with options for additional chaise longues and corner modules, its range of textiles and configurations give it great flexibility for use in a variety of private and public contexts.

W263 x D150/SD63,5 x H93,5/SH42 cm

ADJUSTABLE BACK- AND RECLINING ARMREST / FCS-certified plywood frame with polyurethane foam and a duvet with a mix of feather and silicone balls. Incl. metal hinges. Full upholstery. 
SEAT / FSC-certified plywood and spruce wood with polyurethane foam and wadding. Incl. Nozag springs. Full upholstery with Fibertex bottom. 
BASE / 30 mm steel tube legs or 29 mm solid wood legs. The sofa comes with matching textile sleeves for the legs that can be mounted separately

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