Hay Colour Crate Lids & Wheels

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100% Certified HAY Product

A useful lid that fits on top of HAY’s medium and large Colour Crates, the Colour Crate Lids enable multiple crates to be stacked on top of each other while concealing the contents. Made in powder coated steel in colours that match the crates, the lids can be used to optimise storage in the bathroom, kitchen, and most other rooms in the home.

M | W26,5 x L34,5 x H1,5 cm
L | W34,5 x L53 x H1,5 cm

Powder coated steel


Maximize the storage possibilities of the best-selling HAY Colour Crate with a set of four Colour Crate Wheels. Made of durable metal, nylon, and rubber, these wheels feature a simple push-in design and are easy to mount onto a medium or large Colour Crate. Max weight: Medium 11 lbs., Large 22 lbs.

  • Available in two sizes, one for the Medium and one for the Large crate.
  • Sold as a set of 4 wheels.
  • Each set of 4 includes 2 stopper wheels to keep the crate in place.
  • Adds extra height and functionality.
  • Maximizes storage possibilities for the home office, bedroom, or any other room.
  • Colour Crate sold separately.


M | W3 x L6,5 x H9 cm
L | W3 x L6,5 x H9 cm

Nylon, rubber, metal wheels

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Hay Colour Crate Lids & Wheels
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