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System 1-2-3 Lounge Deluxe (PRE-ORDER)
System 1-2-3 Lounge Deluxe (PRE-ORDER)

System 1-2-3 Lounge Deluxe (PRE-ORDER)

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BRAND: Verpan
100% Certified Verpan


Steelcut Trio Fabric:

Leather Sierra:

5 to 6 months
Note: Lead time is subject to change


The strong character and attention to comfort and usability of the System 1-2-3 makes it a perfect choice for anyone not afraid to make a statement. 

System 1-2-3 Lounge Chair Deluxe - Round base is a fully upholstered S-shaped swivel lounge chair mounted on a brushed aluminum base.

For other upholstery options, please contact us


H: 89 cm (35”)
D: 82 cm (32.3”)
Seat width: 59 cm (13.3”)
Seat depth: 45 cm (17.7”)
Seat height front: 38 cm (14.9”)
Seat height back: 34 cm (13.4”)

Steel frame
VOSS foam
Brushed aluminum base

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