Chillax Highback Chair (PRE-ORDER)
Chillax Highback Chair (PRE-ORDER)
Chillax Highback Chair (PRE-ORDER)

Chillax Highback Chair (PRE-ORDER)

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100% Certified STELLAR WORKS Product


3.5 to 5 months
- Note:  Lead time is subject to change depending on the state of the global pandemic.

- Price varies depending on the finishes selected.
- For pre-orders and other upholstery options you may call us at 0977 836 1559 or email us at [email protected]

Initially developed for Australia’s pioneering QT Hotels brand, the QT collection is Nic Graham’s modern-day tribute to the mid-century movement. Drawing out retro details with a light touch, while allowing natural materials and traditional craftsmanship to take centre stage, the range communicates quality without compromising its casual appeal.
The QT collection and its slender, contoured counterpart Chillax make warm and welcoming additions to any contemporary interior, embodying the laidback, relaxed spirit of modern Australian life, with a wink to the pragmatism of mid-century Scandinavian design.

W 800 D 847 H 1200 SH 400

Powder coated steel frame, Solid wood arm rest, Upholstery

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