About A Lounge / AAL 03 (PRE-ORDER)
About A Lounge / AAL 03 (PRE-ORDER)
About A Lounge / AAL 03 (PRE-ORDER)
About A Lounge / AAL 03 (PRE-ORDER)

About A Lounge / AAL 03 (PRE-ORDER)

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100% Certified HAY Product



2.5 to 3.5 months

- Note:  Lead time is subject to change depending on the state of the global pandemic.

- Price varies depending on the finishes selected.
- For pre-orders and other upholstery options, you may call us at 0977 836 1559 or email us at [email protected]

About An Ottoman is designed as a companion for both versions of About A Lounge Chair, but the footstool has such a strong visual expression that it can easily stand alone as an extra seat. In line with the rest of the series, About An Ottoman is able to blend into a relevant environment depending on your choice of upholstery, colours and materials.

W66 x D50 x H32 cm, seat height 32 cm

Hard moulded polyurethane foam with 35 mm foam. 4 solid wood legs. Fits AAL92. Please note that natural wood may have different color,some might be darker and some might be lighter.

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