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Mirror MirrorThe double hand mirror is a functional cross between the wall-mounted mirror and the small portable make-up mirror. Mirror Mirror is made of aluminium and mirror glass and is available in a square version with a matt black handle and a round version with a brass handle.
Mirror Mirror
Regular price ₱4,745.00
Utility Long Mirror LargeUtility Long Mirror Large
Utility Long Mirror Large
Regular price ₱80,300.00
Utility Round Mirror LargeUtility Round Mirror Large
Utility Round Mirror Large
Regular price ₱56,700.00
Sillon SH7
Regular price ₱108,900.00
Sillon SH4 (PRE-ORDER)
Regular price ₱16,500.00
Sillon SH5 (PRE-ORDER)
Regular price ₱30,300.00
Sillon SH6 (PRE-ORDER)
Regular price ₱39,600.00
Sillon SH7 (PRE-ORDER)
Regular price ₱108,900.00
Amore SC49 (PRE-ORDER)Amore SC49 (PRE-ORDER)
Amore SC49 (PRE-ORDER)
Regular price ₱115,500.00
Amore SC50 (PRE-ORDER)Amore SC50 (PRE-ORDER)
Amore SC50 (PRE-ORDER)
Regular price ₱137,500.00
Amore SC56 (PRE-ORDER)Amore SC56 (PRE-ORDER)
Amore SC56 (PRE-ORDER)
Regular price ₱82,500.00