LOUNGE Sale 2022: In-stock and Pre-order

Lounge with us and get up to 40% off on Sofas and Lounge Chairs this whole month of October until November 13, 2022. This sale will run in-store and online. Add to cart or drop by our Makati showroom to get a feel of the pieces. 🪑

For more information on the indent furniture, please send us a DM or click on the Add to Quote button so our team can get back to you! Happy lounging! 
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Kite Lounge Chair - Deep
Kite Lounge Chair - Deep
Regular price ₱128,700.00
Quilton 3 SeaterQuilton 3 Seater
Quilton 3 Seater
Regular price ₱297,000.00
Taylor Sofa One Seater-SwivelTaylor Sofa One Seater-Swivel
Taylor Sofa One Seater-Swivel
Regular price ₱213,400.00
Catch JH13Catch JH13
Catch JH13
Regular price ₱137,500.00
Mags Soft 3 Seater Combination 9 Right ArmrestMags Soft 3 Seater Combination 9 Right Armrest
Mags Soft 3 Seater Combination 9 Right Armrest
Regular price ₱321,200.00
Taylor Sofa One Seater Swivel (PRE ORDER)
Regular price ₱0.00
Margas LC3 (PRE ORDER)
Regular price ₱0.00
Margas LC2 (PRE ORDER)
Regular price ₱0.00
Margas LC1 (PRE ORDER)
Regular price ₱0.00
Taylor Sofa (PRE - ORDER)
Regular price ₱0.00
Welle 3 Lounge (PRE-ORDER)
Regular price ₱0.00
Welle 2 Lounge (PRE-ORDER)
Regular price ₱0.00
Welle 1 Lounge (PRE-ORDER)
Regular price ₱0.00
Cloverleaf Sofa In & Outdoor (PRE-ORDER)
Regular price ₱0.00
Cloverleaf Sofa - 3 Units (PRE-ORDER)
Regular price ₱0.00
Cloverleaf Sofa - 2 Units (PRE-ORDER)
Regular price ₱0.00
Taylor Sofa 1 Seater (PRE-ORDER)
Regular price ₱0.00
Risom Lounge Chair (PRE-ORDER)
Regular price ₱0.00