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Pantop Table Lamp
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Wire Table LampWire Table Lamp
Wire Table Lamp
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Blown SW6Blown SW6
Blown SW6
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Pao Steel Pendant
Pao Glass PendantPao Glass Pendant
Pao Glass Pendant
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Milk Na1
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Copenhagen SC15
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Matin Table Lamp
Marselis Table Lamp (NEW ARRIVAL)
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Marselis Floor Lamp
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Formakami JH18Formakami JH18
Formakami JH18
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Rice Paper Shade
Fifty Fifty Mini
Regular price ₱19,800.00
Turn On
Regular price ₱9,900.00
PC Pendant
PC Portable
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Flowerpot VP9 Portable Lamp
Regular price ₱23,100.00
30 Degrees Shade30 degrees is a lightweight shade made of laminated oak veneer. The seamless surface is achieved by aligning the ends of semicircular veneer sheets at a 30 degree angle, so the inside cone and internal angle is always 30 degrees. The layering of the conical veneer creates a solid shade that is opaque and characterized by its harmonious wood grain pattern. Rich in tactility, the series express a natural elegant aesthetic.
30 Degrees Shade
Regular price ₱6,200.00