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Tool Box
Regular price ₱2,190.00
About A Stool / AAS 32
Regular price ₱20,400.00
About A Chair / AAC 10
Regular price ₱25,200.00
Fifty Fifty Mini
Regular price ₱21,600.00
Soft Edge 32 Bar Stool / Soft Edge 82
Regular price ₱22,800.00
Utility Bar Chair SH760
Regular price ₱81,000.00
About A Stool / AAS 33 LOW
Regular price ₱39,600.00
Dapper LoungeDapper Lounge
Dapper Lounge
Regular price ₱83,400.00
Utility Stool H760
Utility Stool H760
Regular price ₱50,300.00
About A Stool / AAS 33 HIGH
Regular price ₱40,788.00
Loafer SC23
Regular price ₱132,600.00
Wohlert Triangle Chair (1952)
Wohlert Triangle Chair (1952)
Regular price ₱218,700.00
Revolver TableRevolver Table
Revolver Table
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Wohlert Triangle Ottoman
Wohlert Triangle Ottoman
Regular price ₱118,600.00
Regular price ₱31,200.00
Regular price ₱11,800.00
Neu 10
Neu 10
Regular price ₱27,000.00
About A Table / AAT20 Bar TableAbout A Table / AAT20 Bar Table
About A Table / AAT20 Bar Table
Regular price ₱82,800.00
Cornet Bar StoolJonas Trampedach’s Cornet Bar Stool is a classic bar stool using an innovative steel tube technique inspired by bicycle racks. The round solid oak seat rests on a slender steel base, creating an interesting balance of proportions and profiles. The stools come in two different heights, with choice of wood finishes for the seat and chrome or powder coated colour options for the legs. The stools are suitable for bars, islands and worktops in a number of private and public settings.
Cornet Bar Stool
Regular price ₱26,400.00
Wohlert Bar ChairWohlert Bar Chair
Wohlert Bar Chair
Regular price ₱101,500.00